Fence Panels



Explore our extensive range of quality fence panels by leading fencing specialist Forest.

Fence Panels

Whether you're looking to build a completely new fence or need to replace a damaged fence panels Building Supplies Online have a great selection of fence panels to choose from. Our range of quality fence panels have been manufactured to a high standard and depending on the fence panel type include up to 15 year anti-rot warranties, meaning you won't have to replace your fence panels too often.

Which quality of Fence Panels to choose

Whether you are looking for a practical fence panels to define your boundary, a quality fence panel to compliment your garden design or simply need a budget fence panel for a specific project there are certainly plenty to choose from. Consider how long you need your fence panel to last, will a cheap fence panel give you the life expectancy you are looking for?  Or if you are landscaping your garden and planning on extensive planting, you will probably want a fence panel that will last as long as possible.  A very important consideration as you won't want to be disturbing your planting scheme too often, especially as it matures. Budget is a real consideration and we would always recommend investing in longer life fence panels for your garden project.  If you are simply looking to screen off an area then a cheap fence panel may well be sufficient.

Fence Panels Style

The three main fence panel styles are Overlap Fence Panels, Closeboard Fence Panels and Featheredge Fence Panels.  Each has a distinctly different style and it really is a matter of both personal preference from an aesthetic point of view and the job that you want your fence panel to do. 

Overlap Fence Panels are easy to install, look good and although not quite as strong as some of the more expensive alternatives, they represent good value for money as a cheap fence panel solution. Closeboard Fence Panels have verticle fence panels that overlap, giving a sturdier option. Feather Edge Fence Panels are even more substantial, with tapered vertical boards giving a closer finish which gives a longer life to the fence panel and offers an excellent privacy and boundary solution.

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