Steelart Elements Undermount Sinks

Complete your ideal kitchen with one of our functional but stylish stainless steel undermount sinks.

Why do I need an Undermount Kitchen Sink?

In any kitchen, the sink is one of the most important features. Because it is installed underneath the kitchen worktop, an stainless steel undermount sink is space efficient and therefore ideal for both larger and smaller spaces. The lack of a lip creates a smooth finish, which is not only great for cleaning but also gives your undermount steel sink a discreet appearance. All of our Blanco stainless steel sinks are carefully selected for maximum functionality and are made from quality, high-performance materials so you can be assured of their durability.

Why choose a Stainless Steel Undermount Sink?

An undermount kitchen sink is not just a necessary kitchen fixture, but it is also a great way of enhancing the decor in your kitchen. A Blanco undermount sink with a plain based bowl is elegant, traditional and classic, while a Blanco steelart sink bowl with an x based pattern can add a great contemporary touch if you prefer a modern look in your kitchen - choose your Blanco undermount sink to suit your personal tastes.

How do I choose my Undermount Kitchen Sink?

Blanco steelart sinks come in a variety of styles, so whether you are looking for a large single undermount steel sink, a right or left hand twin Blanco steelart sink or a wide rectangular sink we can cater to your needs. Whichever Blanco undermount sink you choose, rest assured that you will benefit from state of the art waste and overflow fittings and space saving pipes - you don't need to choose between sleek style and dependable quality. Clean up your kitchen by selecting your new stainless steel undermount sink from our gorgeous range of Blanco steelart sinks today!

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