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Kitchen Splashbacks

Kitchen splashbacks are a great way to revamp your existing kitchen decor or add an exciting pop of colour to a new kitchen.

Kitchen splashbacks need to be an easy to clean, non-staining surface, as they are used in areas like behind your cooker hob where there could be splashes from your cooking.

Kitchen splashbacks are available in many different materials;- stainless steel for a clean, professional looking kitchen, glass in many colours for a modern look and granite or laminate to match your worktops for a coordinated style.

It is now popular to use lightweight, aluminium kitchen splashbacks to cover the walls with a glossy, wipe clean surface. Aluminium kitchen splashbacks are heat and fire resistant which is safe for use near gas hobs. Aluminium kitchen splashbacks are steam and splash resistant, they can be folded or shaped to fit corners without cutting them, which means there are no joints to fill and keep clean.

Acrylic plastic kitchen splashbacks are gaining in popularity as well as they are hard wearing and easy to keep clean. Acrylic kitchen splashbacks are waterproof and hygienic and available in many colours. They can be fixed to walls using screws or adhesive. If you use them behind the cooker hob you will need to install glass to protect it from the heat.

Once fitted acrylic kitchen splashbacks are low maintenance and will not fade or tarnish even with regular cleaning and wiping. You can, of course, use kitchen splashback tiles to create a splashback in your kitchen. They are available in many shapes, colours and patterns. Kitchen splashback tiles can be laid in different patterns for a contemporary look, especially when using modern glossy tiles. Using white or lighter coloured glossy kitchen splashback tiles can make your kitchen light and bright, which is helpful in a smaller kitchen.

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