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Monobloc Tap

The Monobloc Tap remains one of the most popular designs on the market due to its innovative technology and flexible nature, meaning it can come in a variety of styles as well as its ability to accommodate differing levels of water pressure, depending on the model.

Our Range

At BSO we wish to reflect the adaptable nature of the Monobloc Tap in our extensive range of choices on our website. Not only will you find a Monobloc Tap suited to your home’s water pressure, but you can find a design suitable for your bathrooms, as well as Monobloc Kitchen Tap options. Monobloc refers to the singular construct nature of the tap. They tend to come in the format of the spout and handles erected in the same singular structure.

They greatly complement the sleek design of modernised kitchens and bathrooms but can come in a variety of forms, whether it be a double-handled design or a mixer tap, where the two hot and cold-water handles are combined into one, commonly seen in bathroom spaces.

Making a Choice

With such a variety of options some customers can struggle with narrowing down the Monobloc Tap they want for their home, and that’s why we’re here to help. As with any tap related purchase, you need to consider the water pressure of your home to guarantee a steady flow of water exiting your Monobloc Kitchen Taps. The rest is really up to your own tasteful visions. You may want to have a sink basin in mind before checking out our Monobloc Tap range so you can rest assured that the designs complement one another.

Another related practical consideration could be if you have young children. Some parents prefer to purchase a Monobloc Tap with two separate handles rather than a mixer so it is more obvious which tap is hot and which is cold.

As you can see, there is an abundance of decisions and options to consider when purchasing a new Monobloc Tap. If finding a tap suitable for your water pressure, as well as having a set style in mind, not just for your new tap but for its intended room at large are your priorities, then you are guaranteed to find the perfect tap for you on our website.

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