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Waste & Recycling Bins

A Kitchen Bin and Recycling Bin is essential to all homes. Shop our range of waste & recycle bins and improve your kitchen today. 

The kitchen bin is an important piece of equipment for your kitchen. But nowadays the kitchen is becoming the most used room in the home, and it is an increasingly popular room for entertaining both casual and formal guests. So people are looking for a kitchen bin that both helps with kitchen waste disposal, maintains the look and welcoming feel of your kitchen, and makes the most of that room space. And with modern families increasingly concerned about the environment people want a kitchen bin that helps with their recycling too. Building Supplies Online has a great kitchen bin range, with options that allow you to keep your kitchen bin both discreetly concealed and easy to access. We also have kitchen bin options that help you to separate waste and recycling into a number of different compartments, all within the same kitchen bin unit. So you are sure to find the right kitchen bin for your kitchen and lifestyle.

We have almost 25 products for you to choose from when selecting your kitchen bin. Our kitchen bin range includes products from trusted, high quality brands such as Hafele. Each kitchen bin is cleverly designed to fit concealed inside a corner or centre cupboard unit, attached by the side or the base, and then to slide or swing out when the cupboard door is opened. This allows easy access to your kitchen bin but maximises your kitchen floor space, and keeps your kitchen bin out of sight when not in use. So your kitchen bin won’t spoil the attractive, welcoming look of your kitchen for living and entertaining in.

The kitchen bin range includes products in a variety of sizes, and configurations, so there is a kitchen bin to suit the lifestyle and needs of families of all sizes, and the storage space of all sizes of kitchen. You can choose a kitchen bin in volumes from 5 litres to 40 litres, and a kitchen bin unit separated into one, two, three, or four compartments, depending on both the amount of kitchen waste your family produces, and the different separation requirements of your local recycling facilities.

Each kitchen bin product includes the solid, hard wearing plastic compartment(s), the kitchen bin lids, and the appropriate fixing materials such as frames and runners made from strong chrome and galvanised steel. So a kitchen bin from the Building Supplies Online range provides everything you need to set up your kitchen waste and recycling unit. A kitchen bin from our range will provide a convenient, discreet, and modern solution to your kitchen waste and recycling needs.

The kitchen is the center of any home, it provides comfort and an exquisite canvas to express endless design. Caring for your kitchen is vital in expressing the sheer beauty of its design. A Kitchen bin helps to keep an organised, clean space and prevent unhygienic clutter gathering. With the increase in demand for a more economical future, recycling is crucial. The range of waste bins & recycling bins available to buy online from Building Supplies Online make recycling a breeze and keep your kitchen in perfect condition. Whether you are after a simple single bin or a recycling system, Building Supplies Online has it all.

The vast selection of kitchen waste and recycling bins available are all manufactured by Hafele. Leaders in innovation and design for over 90 years, Hafele have learned to understand what makes a bin designed for style and functionality. Investing in the wrong Kitchen bin can sabotage an interior and take up unnecessary space. Hafele has designed kitchen bins that are discreetly hidden under kitchen cabinets and in kitchen draws. This discreet method is highly practical and means multiple bins can be hidden away. Ideal for multi-bin recycling systems and to keep odours from spreading. Available with a splash of colour for making life that little bit simpler when recycling, or in a sleek metallic finish to blend seamlessly with your kitchen.

The Multi compartment recycling bins available come with several compartments that all fit together in a pull-out system. Investing in this type of product means you can separate rubbish and learn to recycle. The convenience of these waste bins makes recycling easy, so you can be satisfied with your contribution to the environment.

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