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The white gravel can be used around the garden which adds a touch of elegance to land around your house, by adding these white gravel stones around your house you are guaranteed to receive plenty of compliments. The gravel doesn’t have to be outside; it can also be inside too. 

Choosing your White Gravel 

It is very easy to choose the correct gravel for your home and is a versatile material to work would be perfect for anyone who is looking for a cheap way to fill a large space of land. It can be used in contemporary and traditional style gardens. The gravel is eco friends as well as wildlife and animal-friendly, a great addition to a natural garden theme too. It is good to maintain a simple colour palette when designing your garden which is why white gravel stones will be the perfect addition to form the colour base.

The white gravel stones have natural light reflecting qualities which can lead to opening up your garden spaces- which brightens up your garden. A good foundation is needed in order to get the most out of your gravel, making sure that the ground is level and that it is laid carefully.

How to Keep Clean 

It is important to ensure that the gravel you have stays clean and maintains its appearance around your house or garden. You should make sure that there are no stray leaves in the gravel that have fallen from any nearby trees. You can use a leaf blower to get rid of the leaves and the weight of the stones will ensure they remain in the same place and filter out the leaves. You should also make sure that you treat any weeds that may have grown amongst the white stones. These can be sprayed with a weed killer or removed by hand.

The gravel will need to be cleaned and this can be done by creating a sieve, this can be a wheelbarrow with holes in it which is sprayed with water then tipped out after cleaning- this is the simplest way of washing the gravel. They can also be bleached with boiling water to remove stains.

If you’re looking for a new, inventive way to design your garden, then look no further and used white gravel to fill the spaces in our garden. It will be a conversation piece and also used instead of soil in order to plant plants in the ground or hanging baskets.

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