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Garden Fence Paint

Liven up your outside space with a coat of Garden Fence Paint; it’s the ideal way to breathe new life into your garden, protect your wood, all while adding a pop of colour in the process.

Our Range

Our range of Garden Fence Paint is the perfect way to brighten up your outdoor space. Using Garden Fence Paint from our extensive product range will not only leave the wooden surfaces in your garden looking great but will also protect it against the elements by giving it a waterproof coating.

Within our product range, you will find exterior wood paint from leading brands, including Ronseal. Ronseal Fence Paint Colours come in a vast choice of shades and take inspiration from nature to complement the beauty of your outside space. Colours range from the more traditional option of English Oak to the eye-catching pink of Cherry Blossom.

How Much Garden Fence Paint Do I Need?

Once you’ve chosen your perfect colour, you may be wondering just how much Garden Fence Paint you will need to complete your project. The amount of Garden Fence Paint required for your garden makeover very much depends on the surface that you are painting on to. Generally speaking, smooth wooden surfaces require less paint than rough wooden surfaces. However, you will also need to take into account how you intend to apply the paint. Using a brush typically uses less paint than spray application.

Some Cuprinol Fence Paint Colours are one coat paints, meaning that they should need to be painted once initially, and then another coat will be required a number of years from now. Other products need a minimum of two coats to achieve the desired colour and coverage.

The great thing about Garden Fence Paint is that you aren’t restricted to painting your fences, it’s perfect for injecting a whole new lease of life into your shed and garden furniture too. Not only will your garden wood look great, but it will also be protected from the elements.

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