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Closeboard Fencing

Close Board Fence Panels are the most popular solution for border screening in your garden and this is due to their strength and durability in our weather conditions. There are also a great number of options available in height and width of your Close Board Fence Panels. 

Close Board Fencing are supplied as loose components and when fitted together combine to make an extremely sturdy and durable fence.

This Close Board Fencing is a great way to protect your garden from strong weather conditions, including strong winds, they are much more robust than common waney-edge panels. The heavy duty Close Board construction is durable and strong to protect your garden, home and family.

What is Close Board Fencing

The Close Board Fencing is made with feather boards which overlap slightly and are fixed to rear horizontal supporting rails. The Close Board Panels are mainly used for boundary screens as they are stronger and provide better privacy than alternative options.

There are many sizes and heights of Close Board Panels available so whether you are looking for a partial screen or total privacy there is an option for you. 

Key Benefits of Cload Board Fencing

  • Close Board makes an ideal privacy fence
  • Very popular design
  • Cost effective and easy to install
  • Offers wind resistance 
  • Secures your garden boundary
  • Pressure treated timber (25 year guarantee)
  • Ideal for uneven landscaping e.g. sloping grounds and hills or corners

Choosing your Close Board Fencing  

There are so many options available when looking at Close Board Fencing so you need to look at what you are using the fencing for.  Are you looking for security or to frame an outdoor space in a stylish manner? The size and height of the Close Board Fencing will have a different effect on your finished garden.

The Close Board Fencing overlaps giving a solid panel look for privacy and security in your garden and is a great option if you have Pets to keep safe. It is also worth knowing what height of the fence you can put up due to any building regulations in your area before you buy your close board fence panels.

Our Close Board Fencing  On our website, we have a number of options for your Close Board Fencing based on the sizing you require.  All our close board fence panels are made by Forest, the UK specialists for a range of garden products. 

Their Close Board Fencing is made from FSC certified timber from sustainable sources and is dip treated to give a 10-year anti-rot guarantee with regular re-treatment. The close board panels are made to be heavy duty and durable making them a good choice.

Maintenance of your Close Board Fencing

Timber is a living product and given enough time it will degrade; therefore, it is important to treat it properly. To get the best possible lifespan from the product it is recommended that the timber is treated every two to three years, product can be purchased at BSO.


Close Board Fencing is construction of posts, rails, gravel boards, and featheredge. Posts should be a minimum of 100x100mm (4 x 4) section and concreted into the ground at a depth of approx 760mm (for taller fence variations) and the distance between the post centers should not exceed 3.0m (10ft), for the best results.

Rails are then fixed horizontally across the face of the posts; usually two rails are needed on 1.2m (4ft) high featheredge and below, with three rails used on higher boundaries.

It is recommended to fit a gravel board at ground level between the posts, this serves to keep the featheredge from making contact with the ground, which will reduce future maintenance costs, because it is cheaper and easier to replace one gravel board rather than a large quantity of featheredge.

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