A Small Summerhouse can be a beautiful addition to your garden, without taking up too much space.

Small Summerhouse Uses

A Small Summerhouse is a very versatile investment. In the warmer months, you could use it to relax in and enjoy your garden, with the doors open, surrounded by nature. If you are able to add a heat source to your Small Summerhouse, you will also be able to enjoy relaxing in it in the winter months too. If not, you could use your summerhouse as a store for your outside summer furniture.

Of course, you could also work in your summerhouse, turn it into a games room or use it as an extra play area for children. Have a look at our Small Summer House UK range to find your perfect summerhouse.

Making A Choice

Before you choose your Small Summerhouse, have an idea about where it will go in your garden. We have a lovely range of options, including corner summerhouses that will make the most of a lonely, forgotten corner of your outside space. If you are looking for more of a square shaped summerhouse, we have many different sizes, including a 3m x 3m Summer House.

A Small Summerhouse can be light and airy if you choose one with lots of windows. You will also be maximising your view and increasing the feeling of being surrounded by flora and fauna. If you plan on sitting outside your summerhouse, go for one which has an overhanging roof, providing shade and shelter from the elements.

Add a Small Summerhouse to your outside space and start maximising your garden’s potential. 

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