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One of the most important tools your garden will use is the Garden Spade. It is a tool that many gardeners can’t live without, as it is quite versatile to use.

Garden Spade Uses

A Garden Spade has a shorter shaft relative to a shovel. It also has a smaller and flatter, straight-edged blade. Garden Spades UK are used for slicing through soil, roots, terracing, contouring, and moving soil and loose material.

The shape of the blade cuts into the soil and can dig deep holes to remove plants with deeper root systems. There are a few different types of spades that you can use depending on the task you need. The typical Garden Spade prepares plant beds and moves light amounts of soil.

A Transplanting Spade has a deeper blade that will get out stronger and deeper roots when moving plants. The Border Spade can make holes for smaller plants and will keep clean edges around the beds.

Making a Choice

When you choose the type of Garden Spade you would like, have a look through our range of Gardening Tools Online. You might have a preference on the style of the handle. Some spades have a T-shaped handle, others are U-shaped, or straight.

Other features the handle have include using a non-slip rubber or a hardwood handle. The better spade blades are made from carbon or stainless steel for longevity. Newer spades are also ergonomically designed for improved comfort.

You should also keep the blade sharp on your Garden Spade to save your back and have the best cutting experience.

To create the best gardening experience and the best garden, you need the best tools. Think about the work your garden needs and choose a Garden Spade from our range to ensure that your garden is well maintained.

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