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The colour of your interior and exterior design is vital in creating a wonderful looking home and garden that you can be proud of, that’s why Ronseal have developed dozens of vibrant paints and stains to help bring out your decorating visions and truly bring your living space to life.

Who are Ronseal?

Ronseal UK is a paint and stains subsidiary company founded in 1956 by its parent company Newton, Chamber and CO., one of the biggest industrial companies in the UK. After being bought and sold by many parent companies Ronseal is now owned by Sherwin-Williams Company based in Cleveland, Ohio, USA after being purchased from Forstmann Little & Co in 1997.

Based in Chapeltown, Sheffield, Ronseal specialises in producing high-quality paints and stains designed to transform your internal and external home design by giving your walls and fences a splash of premium, vibrant colouring that will make your living space stand out. Since being established this company has formulated hundreds of different paints and stains tweaked to fit many different environments and settings including:

Making a Choice

Ronseal has a slogan, it goes as follows - “Does exactly what it says on the tin”, this perfectly sums up the range of Ronseal paint and stains as all of their products are created with a premium quality that mirrors the colour shown on their tins. Ronseal use a special formula that they have been perfecting over many decades to give their outdoor paint a strong resistance to any weather conditions that may be thrown your way. This stops the paint from fading due to heat exposure, washing out due to high levels of rainfall, while quickly drying wiping out any danger of interference.

Inside the home, however, Ronseal have a wide selection of paints, stains, waxes and vanishes to help retain the great look of your floors, walls, doors and kitchen by offering a durable paint that will hold its form for many years after its application.

When you walk into your home or garden it’s only right that you should feel proud of your living space and the best way to bring out that great look that rests beneath anyone’s fence, floor or wall is through a lick of premium, high quality paint. So why not transform your home with the helping hand of Ronseal?

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