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Our wood filler products are one of the best on the market as they serve all purposes you would expect at the highest of standards and quality.

What is Wood Filler

  • Wood filler is used in a variety of different ways and helps fill any gap you wish to be filled.
  • Wood filler has a greater variety of formulas made from a variety of different materials, more so than products such as wood putty; making filler more beneficial for our buyers.
  • Wood filler is in fact a putty-like material and texture, whereby it’s made from materials like latex, clay, polyurethane ect. They usually come in a neutral colour which can be dyed and adapted to suit your situation most appropriately, meaning you can match the wood you are trying to fill.
  • Our wood fillers have a fast-drying time after application and so can be ready and finished in less than 24 hours.

Wood Filler Uses

Our wood filler has a variety of different uses and so is a very sensible purchase.

  • You may need to seal cracks and holes in unfinished wooden floors, if so then our wood filler is the product to consider.
  • The thicker the wood filler, the better for this situation to prevent these holes from reoccurring.
  • You may also need to smooth wood grain at the initial and crucial point of a product, before staining or painting takes place.
  • Our wood filler is also extremely beneficial for parts of furniture that need filling.
  • This would work best with a mix of a thin and thick filler for parts such as leg chairs ect.
  • Lastly, you may want to consider buying our thinner wood filler for flooring; spreading it evenly so it can be used before applying the wood stain.

Advantages of Wood Filler

  • It removes all the holes and cracks that could potentially lessen the value of the wood’s aesthetics. Therefore, the more cracks filled the more value there is to the wood.
  • Having all the holes filled also makes the wood more aesthetically pleasing and so is made more pleasant to the public eye.
  • It decreases the chances of the wood warping and so it maintains its original structure throughout instalment and use.
  • It also gives more strength and stability to the wood as there are other substances holding it together strong.
  • The woods life span will be a lot longer as there will be less affecting its structure as all will be held together stronger.
  • Our wood fillers are extremely reasonable and affordable; therefore you can enhance and improve your wooden features for minimal prices.
  • Our products are also easy to apply and install, therefore keeps costs down by not needing an external working to apply the wood filler for you.
  • Also, our wood filler is low maintenance and does not need to be adapted and added as much as other wood fillers. They last a long time and maintain its high-quality functions throughout whole use.

Choosing your Wood Filler

Our wood fillers come in a variety of different weights, colours and brands.

  • We offer wood filler as cheap as £3.89, for those who need a small amount to fill a small crack with only a small sachet of 30g so you don’t waste any product. For £7.90, we offer only the best Ronseal multipurpose wood filler in a 100g tube in a variety of different colours so you can chose the one which is most appropriate for your wooden designs.
  • For lighter, softer tones you may want to opt for ‘natural, light or white’ shades and tones if this fits most appropriately with your designs. On the other hand, if your designs are darker and more intense you may prefer ‘medium, dark or oak’ tones. If you require more wood filler for bigger projects, then our 250g pot for £12.48 would be most suitable for you.
  • This comes in the same shades as the 100g tube, meaning again you can choose the shade which is most appropriate for your colour scheme. If you would prefer your filler in a tube structure, then for £13.36 we also offer a 325g tube which again have the same colours.
  • The tubes seem easier to use over a smaller surface area, and for cracks which are harder to get to. If you prefer the method of a cartridge wood filler, then we offer these also in the same shades for £13.56, which is 310ml. If these measurements are still not enough, then we offer a 465g tub for £15.62 which is most appropriate for bigger cracks and holes that need filling.
  • Lastly, as part of the multipurpose brand, we offer a staggering 930g tub that’s only £23.44. If you would prefer our Ronseal high performance wood filler, then we have a variety of different weights and prices available for you. For £20.38, we can offer 275g of white or dark wood filler to satisfy your needs, or 550g for £27.52. Furthermore, we cater for the largest of projects with 1kg for £43.90 or even 3.7kg for £84.14. Every product is made to please all our customers; therefore, we can reassure there will be no disappointment.

We promise that each of our products are made with the highest quality manufacturers so there will be no problems and issues for the durability of instalment. Like our other products, these take 1-2 days to deliver and so you will receive your product in no time. We promise high quality service when purchasing, delivering and installing, to prove we are the best company for you.

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