Pipe Lagging

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Pipe lagging is used to protect pipes from cold weather and potentially freezing if they are unprotected.

So, of course, it is better to do some preventative work before the cold weather arrives than face burst pipes, repair bills and lots of cleaning up if the worst happened. Pipe insulation is also used to protect pipes from getting damaged, it can help keep the heat in your hot water and central heating pipes, therefore saving you money. It is a good idea to use pipe insulation in less well-heated areas, such as your loft. By using pipe lagging to protect central heating pipes in your loft you can prevent them from freezing.

Pipe insulation is made from materials that have thermal properties and are moisture resistant to avoid mould and mildew. Pipe lagging also needs to be made with fire retardant properties and meet with building regulations to prove its safety. Pipe insulation is generally made from polyethene which is a flexible material that is ideal for bending and shaping around pipework. Pipe insulation is also available made from felt, which might be useful where extra flexibility is needed, ie on pipes that go around corners.

It is a good idea to use some pipe lagging on any outside taps you may have, as these would be most vulnerable in freezing conditions. Pipe lagging can be cut to shape and is pre-slit along one side so you can simply slide the pipe lagging onto the pipe. Some types of pipe lagging have self-adhesive edges to join back together once they are around the pipe, making them really easy to fit and ensuring they stay in place.

Once fitted, pipe lagging does not need any maintenance and will be long-lasting, so it is a good investment, also good value for money.

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