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Radiator Valves

Radiator valves are a great thing to fit onto every radiator in your house.

With radiator valves in place, you can adjust the temperature of every radiator individually. Which is a useful feature as you may want some rooms warmer than others. A lot depends on the size of the room and even which way the room faces, as north faced rooms are often colder. So with radiator valves, you can adjust the temperature to suit the room and what the room is used for. Spare rooms can be set low to just keep them aired and the chill off, living rooms also bedrooms can be set to be comfortable temperatures, whereas the bathroom could be more cosy for after your bath or shower.

Radiator valves are designed to be used vertically or horizontally depending on what space allows, you can also purchase extension pieces in case you need to lengthen the pipework to enable the valve to be installed. Radiator valves have liquid or wax sensors built in them that adjust the heat of the radiator to what the valve is set to. Radiator valves are usually frost protected which can be useful in rooms that get very cold, like a conservatory or outbuilding. There are radiator valves that have an electronic thermostat built in which would enable you to programme each individual radiator as well. This could be a very useful feature as you can set the timer for your routine of each day. Radiator valves that have this thermostat built in also have a boost button to override the timer in case you suddenly feel cold. Some of these radiator valves with a thermostat built in can be set by using your smartphone, this would be so useful as you could switch the heating on before you get home.

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