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Explore our fantastic range of Radiators from leading brands, beautifully designed to enhance your home.

Keep any room warm without compromising style or fashion with our uniquely selected range of Radiators. Our range includes Designer Radiators, Towel Radiators, and Electric Radiators all designed to bring a desirable amount of warmth to the room of your choice. Our radiators range includes Barlo, Hudson Reed, Reina Design, Zehnder, and Supplies 4 Heat.

Radiators are generally part of your central heating system, but other types of radiators are also available. We offer oil filled single radiators which are great additions to any room without built-in radiators or anywhere that needs extra warmth and electric radiators that can be wall mounted and have a built-in thermostat, and some have a programmable timer.

Very modern styles are even available as glass panels that would suit the most up to date rooms. Low surface temperature radiators are another more modern concept, they are a great idea as they are extremely safe.

What Radiators do we offer?

If you're looking for a simple addition to bring extra warmth during the winter consider our traditional style Barlo Radiators, we have both horizontal and Vertical Radiators to help you efficiently use all of your space available. Along with some of Barlos radiators, Supplies 4 Heat offer some designer radiators to add some style to the traditional style of Radiator. These Radiators also come in both Horizontal and Verticle designs allowing you to still optimize all of your available space. However, if you're looking to add a contemporary twist to your bathroom consider our Zehnder range.

Zehnder Towel Radiators have a unique design intended to supply you with an ideal amount of heat without overwhelming you in your bathroom. Along with Zehnder, Barlo, and Supplies 4 Heat also offer both small and large Towel Radiators, suitable for any size bathroom, with Hudson Reed and Reina offering electric Towel Radiators.

What Radiator Do I Need?

When deciding on your radiator it is worth considering all of our options.

Our Towel radiators are most suitable for bathrooms due to their design which allows you to hang a selection of towels with variable sizes on them. Our Designer Radiators best suit Bedrooms or Living Rooms as they offer a contemporary style which brings life to your walls. With a variety of colours our Radiators add style to your room and also become an eye-catching piece.

Whilst the radiator will heat your room effectively their surface stays cool to the touch, this could be an important feature for families with small children or older persons. Aluminium radiators are another type to consider as they are faster to heat than most other types and they throw out more heat than the same sized regular radiator.

Aluminium radiators are also more resistant to any corrosion and therefore have a longer lifespan. They are also environmentally friendly as you can recycle them easily. Radiators are suitable for every room in your house they are available in different styles and sizes. There are special towel radiators for your bathroom that look great and your towels will be warm and cosy for after your shower or bath.

Normally central heating radiators are fitted to a wall in each room of your house, inside walls are recommended so you don't lose heat through an outside wall, however, the space under a window on an outside wall is often the only free space in a room. It is possible to use radiating foil behind radiators to direct more heat back into the room, which may help if an outside wall is the only choice. Each radiator normally has a thermostat to adjust the heat output and a timer will help you plan your heating needs.

Take a look at our Radiator Guide for further advice and inspiration.

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