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Cast Iron Radiators

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Cast iron radiators are an excellent feature in any style of home. We have a wide range available online coming in different sizes and styles to suit your tastes and needs.

Our Range

Cast iron radiators add an air of authenticity to period properties, they look superb in classically designed interiors and really compliment the rooms. However, they also look superb in contemporary rooms adding a timeless touch and contrast styling your room and home wonderfully. Cast iron radiators generally take slightly longer to heat up than normal modern radiators, this is due to the density of the cast iron, but it poses fantastic benefits also as once the heating is turned off the radiator will remain hot for a long time saving those pennies for you and maximising the heat. Purchasing new radiates is better changing a radiator can be tough to ensure you are changing it for a wide range of new benefits.

Making a Choice

Cast iron radiators have been a popular choice for many years, they output higher levels of heat for longer periods keeping your home warmer than normal modern radiators. You should consider the size of the room you are choosing to put a cast iron radiator in as this will dictate the size you choose. For larger more spacious rooms a larger radiator is recommended. For smaller more compact rooms a smaller option would be better. Cast iron radiators in the U.K are manufactured by some top companies with reliable feedback. All radiators come with a manufacturing guarantee to give peace of mind when purchasing.
Cast iron radiators have been a popular choice in both modern and traditional classic homes for many years, they not only look superb but they provide great warmth and heat for long periods of time in your home.

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