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Cast Iron Guttering

Gutters are an essential part of any building, yet the considerations are often easy to overlook when picking your gutter.

What is Cast Iron Guttering?

Guttering is an essential feature for any domestic, commercial, or public building. This is to help ensure the correct drainage of rainwater and other precipitation, protects drains from the build up of soil and leaves. In turn to protect the bricks, mortar, and stonework of the building.

Cast iron guttering is a traditional solution for your guttering needs. It offers a number of advantages over guttering made from other materials such as plastic, aluminium, or steel.

As well as having functional benefits, cast iron guttering provides a distinctive and attractive look. If you live in an area with many traditional or listed buildings you may be required by to choose cast iron guttering for the guttering on your home.

At Building Supplies Online we are proud to be suppliers of cast iron guttering from Hargreaves Foundry. They are a family run business from the north of England. They have over a century of experience making cast iron guttering and other cast iron products. They using a combination of traditional and innovative methods.

Why Choose Cast Iron Guttering

Cast iron guttering offers great functional performance. It is strong, robust, and durable. It can easily cope with high drainage loads, drainage of hot liquids, and buffeting from extreme weather conditions.

Your cast iron guttering will not fade if exposed to intense sunlight. It maintains its shape and dimensions without expansion in fluctuations of temperature. It will withstand accidental damage from branches, or other kinds of collisions. Cast iron guttering is especially suitable for homes in exposed areas and for public buildings such as schools.

As well as great functional performance, cast iron guttering helps to give your home or building a traditional Victorian look.

Especially when it is fitted with more traditional bracket styles, cast iron guttering can be an eye catching fixture for you home.

Cast iron guttering is especially stylish when fitted on traditional stone buildings. It helps you to create the period look of the building. And because it is long lasting it will keep these good looks for a long time along with your home.

Cast iron guttering is the environmentally responsible choice for your guttering. Over the life of the guttering, cast iron guttering involves lower energy use and production of carbon dioxide emissions. Especially compared with guttering made from plastics or aluminium.

It is also completely recyclable. Cast iron being suitable for re-use in premium quality products without any down grading. Because of this cast iron guttering is endorsed by Greenpeace as the environmental choice for guttering and drainage.

Cast iron guttering can be more expensive to purchase and install than guttering made from other materials. Over the life of your home fitting cast iron guttering can be a more cost effective choice than other kinds of guttering.

You can expect cast iron guttering to last for at least 50 years without the need for replacement, and possibly much longer. It retains its desirable properties throughout that lifetime. It doesn't experience loss of functionality or attractive appearance.

Provided that your cast iron guttering is correctly fitted it should require only minimal maintenance.

As cast iron guttering is such a desirable feature, by choosing cast iron guttering you can help to increase the value of your home. So despite the potentially higher initial costs of cast iron guttering it can prove the more affordable option over the longer term.

Our cast iron guttering range

Our range of high quality cast iron guttering from Hargreaves Foundry includes all

  • Pipework
  • Joints
  • Sockets
  • Bends
  • Angles
  • Internal and external stopends and dropends
  • Outlets
  • Hopper heads
  • Shoes
  • Fixings
  • Brackets

All of these parts of your cast iron guttering system are available in a variety of sizes and a choice of profiles. These include Standard and beaded half rounds

  • Box section
  • Deepflow
  • Moulded Ogee profiles

You can also choose to have all of these styles of cast iron guttering pieces in either a pre painted black gloss finish.

So if you choose cast iron guttering for your home or building you will find everything you need in the Building Supplies Online . Whatever the specifications and style of cast iron guttering you are looking to install.

One of the main questions to establish is the material you will pick for your gutters. The most commonly used materials for guttering are vinyl or Metal Guttering. Also one option, although very rare, are wooden gutters.

These are uncommon due to their cost, which is rather high for something so ineffective. Metal Guttering is a popular option for any of your guttering needs. Metal Guttering can be made from many different materials, such as;

  • Copper
  • Steel
  • Aluminium

Metal Guttering is a cost effective option. One less popular material for Metal Guttering is Cast Iron Guttering.

Cast Iron Guttering is, unsurprisingly, made from cast iron. Cast Iron Guttering has been a material of choice ever since the Victorian period.

Cast Iron Guttering and Cast Iron Downpipe has an elegant appearance yet it is strong. This is just one of the reasons why someone might opt to install Cast Iron Guttering and Cast Iron Downpipe in their building.

Cast Iron Guttering is more expensive than some other Metal Guttering options, but for good reason. It is durable, long lasting, fire resistant and eco-friendly. This is Cast Iron Guttering and Cast Iron Downpipe is long lasting and a sustainable resource that is also recyclable.

On top of this, Cast Iron Rainwater Goods oxidises very slowly over time, which gives off iron ashes which are good for the environment. Browse our large range of Cast Iron Rainwater Goods now, including our Cast Iron Guttering. We offer Cast Iron Guttering from the brand Hargreaves Foundry.

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