Hargreaves Foundry 100mm Primed Cast Iron Beaded Gutter Union Clip

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100mm Primed Cast Iron Beaded Gutter Union Clip

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Hargreaves Foundry 100mm Primed Cast Iron Beaded Gutter Union Clip


Cast Iron is a sustainable materia. This means that after serving the drainage needs of a building for its lifetime it can be fully recycled, not 'downcycled'

Round rainwater pipes in a choice of 65mm, 75mm, 100mm and 150mm diameters and in standard lengths of 0.6m, 0.9m, 1.2m and 1.8m. Produced by the vertical cast method which offers uniformity of shape and thickness. The premier standard rainwater range includes 8 gutter profiles in a variety of different sizes with capacities up to 3L per second

Premier pipes are highly resistant to distortion caused bny accident or vandalism. Cast iron gutters are able to withstand the weight of ladders, storms and heavy snow

Correctly installed and maintained Premier Systems can last in excess of 100 years with minimal maintenance requirements - occasional painting approximately ever 10 years

Cast iron is very quiet in operation, with low noise levels due to the sound deading properties of cast iron and they wont rattle in high winds. They have Very Little Expansion and contraction in extreme temperatures therefore no noisy clicking or creaking of guttering

  • All Premier rainwater products are manfactuered in accordance with BS460.Bespoke
  • Any system can be pre painted in and RAL colour
  • Specialist castings and fabrications can be created to fit the specific requirements of your building
  • Ears can be added to any standard fitting
  • Hopper heads can be customised with dates or embellishments
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