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Copper Guttering

A gutter is an important feature of any home or building, but oftentimes it is easy to overlook this essential feature.

There are a lot of important decisions to be made when it comes to the gutter you pick, like the shape and materials used for your gutter. The first decision you will likely make is the material of your gutter, which will typically vary between one of two options- vinyl or Metal Guttering. Metal Guttering has many advantages other vinyl, and Metal Guttering in itself can be made from a variety of different metals, and a popular type of Metal Guttering is Copper Gutters.

Copper Gutters have many advantages over both vinyl gutters and other metal options. Most metal materials tend to have similar practical qualities like their durability and long lasting abilities, as most Metal Guttering materials will make your gutters last up to around 100 years. Copper Gutters have an advantage over other Metal Guttering options in that they are extremely unique and they offer a lot in the way of aesthetics. Copper Gutters come in many different forms, like Square Gutters and Half Round Gutters. Square Gutters and Half Round Gutters are the two most common shapes of gutter, and we have both to offer on our website. When picking between Square Gutters and Half Round Gutters there are a few aspects to take into consideration.

Square Gutters are a great option for a modern home, as the square shape offers great aesthetic appeal, and we have a selection of Square Gutters on our website. Square Gutters can handle a high capacity of water, but in areas where rainfall is lighter, the Square Gutters may become blocked with debris. Half Round Gutters are the more traditionally shaped gutter, and are largely self-cleaning due to their shape. You might take this into consideration when choosing between Half Round and Square Gutters.

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