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Flat Roof Outlets & Accessories

Here at Building Supplies Online, we have a wide range of roof vents, flat roof vent and roofing outlet systems.

Our range of roofing outlets and roof vents come in different colours, sizes and thicknesses along with any other materials you may need such as Cable Entries, Pipe Flashing and Roof Drainage. All our roof vents and flat roof vent materials are from expert manufactures including Caroflow and Wallbarn so you know when you buy roofing outlets or roof vents from us you are buying top quality flat roof vent products at amazing value for money.

Wallbarn Roof Vents

The Wallbarn outlets, Wallbarn collars and vents are ideal for SBS and APP bituminous membranes, including built-up (felt), mastic asphalt, hot melt Fibreglass. The Wallbarn 600mm long drainage outlets are designed for outlet pipes that pass through thick insulation or industrial metal roofs. The Wallbarn outlet is also designed to pass through the entire section of roof and into the downpipe, and so eliminates the need for multiple connections and extension fittings.

Caroflow Roof Vents

The Caroflow 45-degree Threaded outlet roof vents are manufactured in LM6 Aluminium Silicon casting alloy to BS1490:1970 for most roof finishes as standard or in leaded gunmetal to BS1400:1985 for use with copper-clad or lead roofs or for connection to copper pipework. This Caroflow flat roof vent is female parallel threaded to BS21:1985. Caroflow flat roof vent 45-degree Threaded outlets are suitable for connection to Screw Threaded Steel, Copper (Gunmetal only), PVC, Aluminium and Cast Iron. The PVC, Aluminium and Cast Iron connections are all suitable with the Caroflow flat roof vent Threaded Adaptor.

These are just 2 of our huge selection of over 200 roof vents, androofing outlet products available from our range online.

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