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Lead wood core roll is a truly essential component for jointing or joining separate bays of lead roofing.

What is Lead Wood Core Roll?

Lead wood core roll is also a much utilised product on tall, sloping and steeply pitched roofs. As well as being used on ridges, hips, and flat roofing areas, lead core roll is particularly popular for use on high pitched roofs and areas of lead cladding with a very bold joint appearance. Lead core roll is often preferred in this situation due to its unique design, allowing for the correct expansion and contraction in the lead sheet, cladding and lead flashing.

Expansion and contraction of lead sheet and cladding is predominantly caused by weather related fluctuations in temperature. The lead core wood rolls are treated and shaped as shown below, special attention has been made to the base of the lead wood core roll with an undercut to the base, purposely designed and shaped to prevent wind lift.

Choosing your Lead Wood Core Roll

Our lead core roll is manufactured by industry leaders Calder With over 260 years experience in the field, Calder is the UK's premium supplier of lead sheet and lead engineering products to the roofing industry. Based here in the UK but servicing customers worldwide, Calder operate with a commitment to reliability, quality and service, across all its services and products.

Calder provide quality products that meet or exceed customer specified, statutory and regulatory requirements, providing a high standard of workmanship. Our Calder lead wood core rolls are supplied fully treated and in two different widths. Standard wood core roll is available in a smaller 50mm by 240mm format, while the larger king size Calder wood core roll can be purchased in a thicker 75mm by 240mm format. Our Calder lead core roll is available to be ordered online or over the phone and is supplied in single units.

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