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GRP stands for glass-reinforced plastic and is one of the materials our various Lead Flashing Alternatives are made from.

What is GRP Lead Alternative?

GRP is manufactured to be exceptionally durable, which makes it highly desirable for roofing applications. We sell GRP Lead Flashing Alternatives of different types including both lipped and non-lipped soakers, universal valley troughs and slate valley troughs. Many of these are from Hambleside Danelaw, a company that specialises in roofing products, so you can be sure you’re getting high-quality materials at great prices. Aside from Hambleside Danelaw, we also stock Corodrain branded products – these also offer considerable value for money and can be found in a variety of sizes.

Why should you choose GRP over Lead Flashing?

Lead Flashing Alternatives such as GRP are useful for protecting your building against lead theft. Lead is a valuable commodity, which makes it a tempting target for thieves wanting to sell it on.

Buildings such as churches and schools are most often affected, but you can eliminate the risk altogether by not installing lead on your roof in the first place. These GRP products are very cost-effective to buy and therefore do not have a high resale value.

They also protect against extreme weather more successfully than lead ones, as the material does not rust or warp, even in the most hostile conditions. They are lightweight and easy to install, saving time in the overall fitting process. The GRP flashing comes in a lead grey colour, so you can keep the appearance of lead without the drawbacks that come with it. Each type of product in this range has a slightly different installation process – though they are all reasonably straightforward, it is important to follow the directions carefully. For example, the lipped continuous dry soaker must be attached directly to the adjoining wall, whereas the non-lipped version should be fitted with a separate piece of the GRP flashing.


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