Klober Easy-Form Plus Lead Alternative

If you are looking for suitable Lead Free Alternatives in various colour options, choose one of our Klober flashing products.

What is Klober Easy-Form Plus Lead Alternative?

Other Lead Free Alternatives are often available in just one colour – lead grey – but with Klober you can also get anthracite or terracotta to suit your preference. The environmentally friendly material is made from aluminium in a creped form, which means it can mould to roof contours with ease, even in awkward corners. This flexibility does not take away from its strength though – the metal grid finishing acts as a reinforcement, making it super robust and appropriately sturdy for its intended usage.

These products are designed to have a similar life expectancy to lead flashing, but the lack of any actual lead means that they are not susceptible to theft.

Klober Easy-Form Plus Lead Alternative Uses

Lead Free Alternatives from Klober have a range of applications, but are especially handy for use on dormers, chimneys and wall junctions.They are suitable for both renovations and new-build properties and are universally compatible with any roof surfaces, including clay, slate and tile. For best results, ensure that the surface you are working on is dry and free of any dust before applying the flashing, as you would with all Lead Free Alternatives.

Other Klober products

Along with the flashing, we also stock Klober stretchable tape, which is sold in 10m rolls with widths of 60mm or 90mm. This easy-form tape has many functions for both internal and external usage: it can be applied around windows, skylights, cables and pipes to seal the joints. It is highly flexible, making it easy to give complete coverage in tight or difficult places. With the same creped structure and butylon backing as the other Klober Lead Free Alternatives, the tape boasts great durability and adhesion, keeping its powerful bond with the roof surface for long periods of time.

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