Lead Free Plus Lead Alternative

Our lead-free plus Lead Flashing Alternatives from Cromar offer a cost-effective substitute for traditional lead flashing.

What is Lead Free Plus Lead Alternative?

Made from sheet aluminium and polyurethane, these Lead Flashing Alternatives are suitable for use on either a pitched roof or a flat roof. The metal is thicker than what you would typically find on lead flashing, which gives the advantage of added strength for all applications, including chimneys, soakers, windows and gutters.

The material’s curved dimples create a specialised surface that is both malleable and extremely hard-wearing, as well as resistant to any and all kinds of weather – these are essential attributes for effective Lead Flashing Alternatives to have.

Cromar Lead Free Plus Lead Alternative

The Cromar lead-free plus is sold in three different widths: 150mm, 300mm and 450mm. All three options come in 5m rolls, so that you can cut them to the correct size you need and minimise wastage. The material can be effortlessly cut with household scissors or a knife, leaving no sharp end and eliminating the health and safety risks that can be associated with some Lead Flashing Alternatives. With proper maintenance and care, the flashing can maintain its optimum condition for over 20 years, but its minimum life expectancy is covered by the 15-year guarantee.

Unlike other Lead Flashing Alternatives, the lead-free plus is Self Adhesive, making it simple and quick to install. As long as any adjoining surfaces are stable, you do not need to use a primer because the Self Adhesive nature of the flashing means it can bond powerfully to all construction materials. There is no need for any extra tape or adhesive to seal the joint once the flashing is applied, as it will be instantly waterproof. Is flexibility means that it is just as simple to repair if necessary, giving you great value for money throughout the whole of its use period.


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