Our Calder lead and rubber flexislates offers you a perfect solution when such items as pipes, ariels and flues require weathertight joints.

What are Lead Flexislates?

Often roofs need to house a variety of protrusions, that if not sealed correctly will incur water ingress. With over 260 years’ experience, Calder is the UK’s leading supplier of lead sheet and lead engineering products. Based here in the UK but servicing customers across the world, Calder operate with a strong commitment to reliability, quality and service.

This high performance pipe sleeving product acts as a durable, long-term solution to sealing up pipes, flues, aerials and other items which penetrate into areas of your roof.

Choosing your Lead Flexislates

Our choice of Calder lead and rubber flexislates are aesthetically pleasing, robust, long lasting and easy to install. Flexislates are always recommended when a weather tight seal is required around pipes, aerials and similar protrusions that penetrate tile, slate or felt roofs. The Calder lead flexislate range is manufactured in Code 4 lead with a bonded EPDM synthetic rubber sleeve securely bonded in position. Code 4 lead can be used for many roofing applications. At 1.8mm thick, and weighing 20.41 kg/m2, Code 4 lead is a popular form of lead for slates and flashing because it provides malleability and resistance to splits. Lead is an excellent building material that provides a consistency of performance over many years.

There are two options to select from, Calder lead flexislate for a pitched roof and Calder lead flexislate for a flat roof. The pitched roof Calder slate can be ordered as a single unit, while the flat roof lead slate is sold as a box of five units. Size range is 25mm up to 125mm pipe diameter . Calder flexislate lead slates are suitable for a variety of different roofing projects, and are the perfect and permanent solution to weathering pipe, flue and other penetrations through slate and tile roofs.

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