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Breathable Membranes

Breathable Roof Membrane is a vital component of all new builds, re-roofing projects and extensions.

Breathable Membrane is a sheet of fabric which is placed under your roof slates just above insulation and rafters. Breathable roof membrane protects your property from weather elements and condensation. The fabric allows for warm air to escape but prevents water ingress.

Installing a breathable membrane into roofing is becoming an essential task. Investing in a breathable membrane for your roof will save you money and unnecessary hassle. Breathable membrane provides enough ventilation to keep your house from condensation build-up and therefore eliminates the need for unattractive vents. The hot air in your home can escape through the breathable roof membrane keeping your home cooler and free from stale air. Air can circulate around your home and escape when necessary keeping temperature control at a good level and saving you money and energy.

Are Breathable Membranes Waterproof?

Yes, as Breathable Membranes are water resistant, allows vapour to pass through, prevents condensation and lasts duration of your roof due to it's formidable strength.  When browsing our range of Breathable Membranes, you will see varying products have different strengths to target different concerns.  Breathable Membranes are made of material of which incorporates microscopic pores allowing ventilation properties to operate.  

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