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When you are building or constructing a roof, there is always an essential part to include, the Roof Soaker. A Roof Soaker is, in the context of roofing tiles, a metal or plastic flashing which is installed between the tiles of your roofing in short.

What is a Roof Soaker?

A Roof Soaker is essential to any roofing project, as a Roof Soaker will help to prevent water damage which could occur to your roof, and a Roof Soaker will also help to defer excess amounts of water away from your roof. A Roof Soaker is basically weatherproofing your roof. On our website we have a wide Roof Soaker selection to choose from. One popular brand of Roof Soaker that we stock is Hambleside Danelaw. Hambleside Danelaw offer many different roofing accessories, including the Roof Soaker. What is slightly different about the Roof Soaker from Hambleside Danelaw is that they have an innovative patent on glass reinforced polyester (GRP) roofing products, one example of such a product being their GRP Soaker.

Choosing your GRP Roof Soaker

The GRP Soaker is a popular choice for a Roof Soaker from Hambleside Danelaw, which we stock on our website in a number of different styles. The Hambleside Danelaw Dry Soaker options we have on our website vary. The Hambleside Danelaw Roof Soaker may be used for use with tiles or slates firstly. The second difference that may occur with the GRP Soaker options are that they can be lipped or unlipped. The lipped Roof Soaker will be fixed directly into the wall, whilst the unlipped Dry Soaker is installed using other separate materials like lead or a GRP cover flashing. One of the main benefits of the Hambleside Danelaw Roof Soaker is that it can cut up to half of the cost and time that it would take if using traditional lead installation. Another big benefit of this brand of Roof Soakers is that, if installed as per manufacturers guidelines, there will be a 30 year guarantee on the GRP Soaker.

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