Concrete Roof Tiles

Choose from a huge range of concrete roof tiles which not only replicate but actually improve on traditional materials.

Advanatages Of Concrete Roof Tiles 

Concrete roof tiles have been used as roofing material for 100's of years. Manufactured from sand, cement and water concrete roof tiles are cheap and extremely versatile. Able to mould into almost any shape or size, concrete roof tiles are available in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. This exceedingly big variety makes it easy to find roof tiles that will match the architectural design whether that is contemporary, traditional, modern or dated. Concrete tiles have a very long-term durability and are strong enough to withstand elements such as rain, wind, and fire. Concrete roof tiles are made with a protective layer that adds extra protection from UV rays and climate change. This protective layer also creates different effects such as matte or gloss so you can achieve the perfect finish. Little maintenance is required keeping long-term costs down and in the rare case of a problem simply requires one new tile as they are individually fitted. Overall Concrete roof tiles are great roof tile solutions and are available from Building Supplies Online at amazing prices.

 If you are after a cost effective alternative to natural slates, Hardrow Slates are formed from concrete but offer a traditional slate or stone slate appearance making it a unique concrete tile option.

Gemini concrete tiles offer a range of twin interlocking plain concrete tiles and vertically hanging plain concrete tiles.

V2 concrete roof tiles are a strong, cost effective interlocking tile suited to re-roofing.

Centurion concrete tiles are a versatile concrete roof tile for roof pitches down to 10 degrees.

Vertical plain concrete tiles give a traditional feel at an affordable cost.

Senator Pantile concrete tiles are a smooth finish single pantile available in four different colours.

All of our concrete tiles are available for delivery across the UK.

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