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Slate roof tiles are a popular option for roofing as they are made of high quality and are lightweight but they are also fireproof and waterproof making them durable to all conditions. However, if your roof is made from slate roof tiles you may find that from time to time some roof repairs are required to keep it looking pristine.

Choosing your Slate Repairs

There are many products out there to help with your roof repairs depending upon the severity of the job at hand. Whether it is a cracked tile or some movement between your slate roof tiles there are always options to look at completing the roof repairs yourself. Our website has everything you need to complete roof repairs on your slate roof tiles.

Flexim Slate Repairs

Flexim provides good quality products that are guaranteed to give a quality finish to any roof. The Flexim roof putty is ready to use tile adhesive which has built up a strong reputation over the years due to being flexible and storm proof and has won innovation awards before due to the quality of the product compared to the standard alternatives available.

The Flexim roof putty is instantly water resistant giving you great confidence that your roof is secure whatever the weather and due to its flexibility it won't be broken by movement in your roof due to expansion or contraction or by strong winds. It comes in five different colours to suit your tiles and complete your roof repair discretely. We also have hall hooks which are for general roof repairs and a Sim-fix refurbishment slate strap which is made to assist in roof repairs where the slate roof tiles have slipped from their original position. The sim-fix can be used for all sizes of slate roof tiles and due to its colour is virtually invisible once fixed into position.

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