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Ducting Pipe

Our range of Ducting Pipe offers all you need for your air management system and air ventilation needs. We can help with systems in both domestic and commercial settings, for example cooker hood extraction or full ventilation systems.

What is Ducting Pipe?

Plastic Duct Pipe is a good option if you are installing a ducting system. It is a lightweight material meaning it is easy to transport and install. Plastic is exceptionally air-tight and resistant to corrosion making it a super long-term choice. Ducting Pipe can also be made from other materials such as steel and aluminium which are also popular choices and can be easily customised
Ducting Pipe can be made in solid pre-cast shapes which you can fit together to create an entire system. It can also be made flexible when a more adaptable shape is required. PVC is a popular material for this type of pipe.


150mm plastic ducting is useful in many settings and is particularly good for long sections of ducting. It is very light and easy to install with a simply push together system which can then be sealed with whatever suitable method you decide. Easy to cut with a saw, you can make the Ducting Pipe exactly the right size for your project. It is important to choose the correct type of Ducting Pipe for the use it is intended and also to complement the ducting with the right accessories. The power of the fan or hood, its location relative to the outlet, how the ducting system will be configured and the space available are all things you should consider when purchasing as ducting system.

Ducting Pipe comes in many forms, each of which has characteristics. Plastic, aluminium and steel are generally the most popular choices of material. Rigid plastic is great for a very efficient system with long sections, or where the route of the ducting is more complicated you could opt for a flexible version.

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