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Circular Soffit Vents / Round Soffit Vents

At Building Supplies Online we have a great selection of Circular Soffit Vent and Roof Vent products for you to choose for your Fascia, from some of the leading Fascia and Roof Vent suppliers in the market including Manthorpe, Hambleside Danelaw and Easy Trim Circular Soffit Vent and Roof Vent Fascia manufacturers.

Manthorpe Circular Soffit Vent

Manthorpe’s Circular Soffit Vents can be slotted into the soffit fascia board prior to installation for new build situations or just as easily retrofitted into an existing soffit or fascia. Standard fixing for this product is a simple push twist action into a 70mm hole drilled in the soffit or fascia board. The soffit vent features evenly spaced slots small enough to prohibit large insects gaining access but wide enough not to be blocked by debris, paint or water droplets.

Hambleside Danelaw Circular Soffit Vent

The Soffit and Fascia Roof Vent product range provides a variety of roof-space ventilation at the lowest level of the roof line. These particular vents help to avoid excessive airflow resistance and to prevent the ingress of birds and large insects. When introduced into existing unventilated soffit boards and fascia in refurbishment projects, the circular soffit vent will permit entry of air into the roof-space. They are easily fitted into predrilled 70mm diameter holes. Standard flyscreen conforms to regulatory requirements.

Easy-Trim Grey Circular Soffit Vents

This Soffit Vent can be fitted before or after the installation of soffit boards and Facia. These Circular Soffit Vents ventilate soffits and Fascia and help protect against insects. Easy to install with a simple push-fit into fascia fixing holes. Suitable for use in both new fascia or existing fascia soffits and available in Black, White, Grey, Brown and tan.

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