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Through Wall Extraction Vents

At Building Supplies Online we have a range of Core Ventilator and Wall Vent Extraction products from Hambleside Danelaw and Manthorpe for all your Through Wall Vent Extraction and Core Ventilator needs.


The Manthorpe G900 is designed for use when ventilating a gas appliance, but the Manthorpe Core Ventilator can also be used for general through wall ventilation. The Manthorpe G900 Wall vent can easily be fitted in both refurbishment and new build situations with the use of a 5"" (127mm) diameter core drill. The Manthorpe wall Vent kit includes a cowl vent for exterior use, a louvre grille for inside, a 350mm length of pipe duct and an optional anti-draught baffle. This baffle on the Manthorpe G900 reduces the airflow and also the feel of a draught through the vent.

The external cowl minimises uncomfortable draughts, reduces noise and light and acts as a barrier against wind driven rain whilst providing a free area of 100cm². The Louvre fits on the internal wall and, similarly to the cowl, reduces draughts, noise and light penetration, while providing a free area of 100cm², it is only available in white. The G901 large back plate vent from Manthorpe covers any masonry damage caused whilst creating the hole for the pipe.

Hambleside Danelaw 

The Hambleside Danelaw square to round adapter is designed to fit the telescopic vent to enable standard 110mm plastic pipes to be connected to allow ventilation to remote underfloor voids. The Hambleside adapter has an asymmetric design, suitable for use immediately below pre-cast concrete floors.

Hambleside Product Specification:

  • Made From: Polypropylene
  • Available In: Black 

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