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Soffit Vent

If you are looking for a roof ventilation system you could consider whether a Soffit Vent would be the best option for you. An efficient, and easy to install choice that will provide the necessary ventilation and enhance the atmosphere of your entire home.

What is a Soffit Vent?

All homes require adequate ventilation and roof ventilation is an important aspect of this. A Soffit Vent is really simply and effective means of increasing ventilation and air-flow in your loft area. A Soffit Vent is fitted on the underneath of your eaves, also called the soffit. A system of vents should be fitted, and this gives rise to a much better flow of fresh air from the outside, into your home. A lot of new homes are fitted with some kind of roof vents, but Soffit Vents are a good choice as they are positioned very discreetly and will not be noticeable, unless you are looking up under the eaves. If you home doesn’t currently have them, they are relatively easy to install by someone who is confident when it comes to DIY, otherwise it is a very straightforward job for a professional.


A properly ventilated roof-space will eliminate stuffiness and keep your loft area cool; a Soffit Vent system is an efficient way to achieve this and will have benefits all year round. A cooler roof-space in the summer will, in turn mean the air circulating through the rest of your home is cool too. The Soffit Vent will also prevent too much moisture building up in your loft-space which will minimise the risk of mildew and mold developing in the structure of your home, making it a much more pleasant and safer living space. Proper air flow will also protect the roof structure, as well as any items you have stored in your attic, from rot.

With a Soffit Vent you can be sure you will install an excellent air-flow system, enhancing ventilation, and in turn minimising the risk of damage from mould, mildew and rot and enhancing the energy efficiency of your home.

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