Soil vent Pipe

A Soil Vent Pipe is an essential piece of equipment required for the installation of a waste drainage system. There are a few options to consider such as the location of the drainage system and what material will be best suited to your project which we can help with.

How does a Soil Vent Pipe Work?

A Soil Vent Pipe are required to allow waste-water from bathrooms and toilets to flow away from the building and into the main sewer. Soil Pipe Fittings are used to connect the pipe work to the outside of the building, or occasionally internally. The set-up of a Soil Vent Pipe is not as straightforward as a connection from the bathroom to the sewer. A stack vent is required to allow odours to rise above the building so not to cause an unpleasant problem. Ventilation also allows waste-water and matter to flow freely by gravity and aids aerobic sewage digestion. The pipe must be installed in such a way that it has a downward slope which also aids expulsion of waste; a sewage expulsion pump system is an option where a downward slope cannot be achieved.

Our Range

Our range of drainage components includes everything you will need to install your waste drainage pipe system. A Soil Pipe Collar should be utilised where the pain pipe exits the building through the wall in order to ensure a good seal and neat finish. A Soil Vent Pipe can be constructed from a few different materials, the most popular being UPVC and cast iron. Cast iron is a more traditional choice which will be very robust and last for many years but is a very heavy material and can be a large initial cost outlay. A Soil Vent Pipe made from UPVC is a cheaper option that is very versatile. It comes in differently colours and is light and easy to install. Plastic pipe requires little upkeep but can be susceptible to warping and movement if exposed to very extreme weather conditions.

You can be sure we will have the best Soil Vent Pipe to suit your needs. We have various options to offer, such as plastic and cast iron and can supply the pipe will all the necessary accessories for successful installation.

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