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Roof Tile Vents & Extraction

To maintain your roof in its best condition you need a roof tile vents to provide ventilation and reduce the build up of condensation in the space beneath the roof that can cause damage to timbers and frames.

Adding roof tile vents helps to maintain the integrity of your roof for longer and prevent the need for costly repairs.

Choosing your Roof Tile Vent

We offer a range of roof tile vents from a number of high quality brands, including Manthorpe, Harcon, Klober, Ubbink, and Hambleside Danelaw, so you are sure to find a roof tile vents that match the style and colour of your existing roof tiling to keep the attractive look of your roof. Our range of roof tile vents includes roof tile vent products in square profile, double roman, gemini, plain tile, pantile, non-profile, roll, and delta tile types.

From Manthorpe we also have universal fit roof tile vents that are compatible with any style of tile, so are useful to have in store if you need to replace broken tiles in future, or if you are unsure about the profile of the tiles on your roof. Each style of roof tile vents are available in a range of colours including brown, red, sepia, slate grey, black, and terracotta.

The polypropylene construction of the roof vent ensures resistance to UV and acid rain. The roof tile vents can be used with or without mechanical extraction (many products without the need for adaptors). And our range of Manthorpe roof tile vents products are compatible with tiles from most UK and Ireland manufacturers. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or building industry tradesman you can find the roof tile vents you need to complete your job to a high standard and at a great price.

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