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Rigid Panel Vent Trays

Roof ventilation is an incredibly important aspect of your home, ensuring rising warm air is able to escape and therefore preventing the development of issues such as damp and mould.

This means that it is crucial that you choose the right type of roof vents for your needs, optimising your roof ventilation and keeping your home as safe and energy efficient as possible. If you are unsure what type of roof vents you require, check out our full range of roof ventilation. Rigid panel vent trays, also known as eaves trays, are roof vents that are placed between the rafters. These roof vents sit between the roof and insulation lay, making sure there is a gap between them and that air can then flow through at all times. We have a great range of affordable rigid panel vent trays starting at just £1.20.

Choosing your Rigid Panel Vent Trays

We offer a selection of rigid panel vent trays from bestselling brand Hambleside Danelow, with different sizes of roof vents available depending on the size of your rafters. Our range of roof vents are available both with and without flyscreens, ensuring you have proper roof ventilation whilst preventing insects from entering your home. Our Single Row 10mm Flyscreen Eaves Panel is suitable for roof pitches above 15°, whilst the Double Row 25mm Flyscreen Eaves Panel is designed for rooves below 15°. Alternatively, the Universal Cross Flow Eaves Panel is suitable for any roof pitch. All of our roof vents are designed for 600mm rafters.

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