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Bitumen is a highly effective substance when it comes to waterproofing and weatherproofing your home.

Sold in large tins of up to 25kg, Bitumen is compatible with the majority of roof surfacing materials including lead, slate, asphalt and concrete, and easily provides complete long-lasting coverage. When wet, the Bitumen is a dark brown colour, but as it dries it turns black and creates a waterproof seal that prevents weather damage to your home’s infrastructure. Choose Bitumen to achieve an extra layer of protection for your property – it is simple and quick to apply, making it a staple substance in the waterproofing industry.

Our Bitumen products are made by the highly respected brands Cromar and Bond It, guaranteeing great quality with every purchase. Bond It manufactures chemicals for all sorts of building purposes, from glues and grouts to cleaning materials. The Bond It range comprises a variety of Bitumen products collectively called Bitubond, including Bitumen emulsion, primer and roofing felt adhesive. As well as protecting your roof, you can also use Bond It to waterproof walls and floors or to hold together pieces of wood and other surfaces, proving its versatility inside and outside the home. Both the Bond It and Cromar products can be applied with a paintbrush and supply excellent coverage at competitive prices.

The Cromar Bitumen available here is measured in either litres or kilograms, whereas the Bond It tins are exclusively in litres. In the first case, the denser products such as emulsions and adhesives are packaged in kilograms, while the thinner paints and primers come in litres. The choice of measuring by volume or weight, therefore, provides information about each product’s viscosity – and important factor to note when selecting the correct item for the job requirements. There are also visible directions on the front of each tin, detailing suitable applications for the Bitumen inside.

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