Tanking & Damp Proofing

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Tanking and Damp Proofing is a necessary step to take if you want to guard your home against damp damage.

There are two different methods you can use for Damp Proof Tanking, namely plastic sheeting called a tanking membrane or a chemically-bonding liquid known as tanking slurry – both are effective methods, but you should choose which you go for depending on the individual requirements of your home and the kind of damp it is susceptible to. It may also be necessary to combine Damp Proofing methods to get the optimum outcome. This section of our website is designed to make the Damp Proofing process as stress-free for you as possible.

When Damp Proofing your home, you should create a barrier that covers the full area of each wall. If damp seeps into the infrastructure of the building, not only does it cause long-term damage in the form of mould and plaster erosion, but it also makes the house colder and the insulation less effective. This means that Damp Proofing can give you the benefits of both peace of mind and physical comfort by sealing the walls and locking in warmth. It is therefore important to be thorough and use quality Damp Proof Tanking products, which you will find here in our range.

Our Foil Pack Applicator Gun can be used with sealant foil packs or regular cartridges when Damp Proofing. This product is very effective in the application process, helping you complete your Damp Proof Tanking with ease and saving you time in the long run. It is compatible with many sealants, a variety of which can also be found on our website in the Roofing Sealants section – these are often silicone-based but can otherwise be butyl-based or made from similar materials. Our Damp Proofing products are certain to waterproof your building securely and permanently.

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