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Waterproof Self Adhesive Flashing Tape

Building Supplies Online have a range of Waterproof Self Adhesive Flashing Tape and Roofing Tape from Klober and Bond-It.

For almost 20 years, Bond It has been a manufacturer of high quality, high performance, building chemicals such as adhesives, Roof paint, Roof Flashing Tape, sealants, roof coating, roofing tape and other similar products. Bond it Bitubond Flashing Tape (Self Adhesive) Bond it roof flashing Tape is crease resistant, lead-coloured, self-adhesive flashing tape for general repairs and sealing. The Bond it Roof flashing Tape is designed for use as flashing on flat and pitched roofs, on parapets and chimney stacks. The Bond it Roof Flashing Tape is also ideal for sealing around RSJ's, flues, concrete columns, roof-lights, guttering and extractor vents.

Bond it Flashing Tape Application

The Bond it Flashing Tape is supplied in rolls for fast and clean application and conforms readily to awkward contours, providing excellent weather protection. It can be used for all roofing and flashing applications as well as general water sealing repairs and waterproofing on masonry, asbestos, timber, metal or glass. No special skills or tools are required. Klober Easy-Form tape is a multi-functional highly flexible tape. Klober roofing tape can be used both inside and outside, creating watertight and airtight seals around penetrations, corners of roof windows or tears in underlays.

Features: Full butylon backing offers unparrlelled adhesion & is highly resistant to ageing. Klober roofing tape can be used for a multitude of applications on the roof. Klober roofing tape is quick and easy to use. Klober roofing flashing tape can stretch up to 70% lengthways, allowing tight seals to be created around traditionally difficult areas eg roof windows, pipe penetrations. Klober roofing tape comes in two widths: 60 & 90mm.

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