Lead Sheet is an excellent choice of material for so many purposes. It can be used for roofing and weather-proofing as well as protection against radiation and even sound-proofing.

What is Lead Sheet?

Lead Sheet is made from lead, which is a dense heavy metal. It is a very versatile material with some very useful properties that translate to the finished Lead Sheet product, such as malleability. As lead is easily extracted from its core and has a relatively low melting point, Lead Sheet UK is easy to manufacture with a low carbon footprint. The supply of the raw metal is plentiful making it very cost effective. These reasons, together with the fact it is recyclable mean that this is a sustainable and environmentally sound option that will last a lifetime. This material is extremely popular and highly valued for its stylish look paired with unrivalled practicality.


Lead Sheet is well suited to outdoor building or renovation projects. Its flexibility makes it easy to install and it can be fitted in all weather conditions. The non-corrosive properties also make it excellent for outdoor use and it will not degrade for decades even when exposed to the harshest weather conditions. You can expect it to last in excess of 100 years. Lead Sheet is a long-term solution and worth the initial investment, even when it eventually needs to be replaced you can recycle or sell it on as it will hold a good proportion of its current value. Lead Products are extremely versatile; most commonly used for roofing, it also makes a great material for cladding and protecting buildings from radiation, as well as sound proofing.

Lead Sheet is an exceptional material for a multitude of uses. It is stylish yet hardy and with its excellent economical and environmentally friendly credentials it is a great long-term option that will outlive any non-lead alternatives over and over.

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