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Snapa Snap-Fix Budget Bar System

When you are choosing what kind of roof to install when building or constructing any building for commercial or domestic purposes, Roofing Sheets are a great temporary option, or alternatively make a great finish for exteriors like extensions.

Roofing Sheets come in a large range of types, and on our website we offer Roofing Sheets to fit any of your roofing needs. The two main types of groups Roofing Sheets are split into are corrugated Roofing Sheets and multiwall structured Polycarbonate Sheet. The difference between these two types of Roofing Sheets is that corrugated Roofing Sheets have a wavy profile which are usually fixed to a structural framework with a support that runs perpendicular to the sheet, whilst a Polycarbonate Sheet is normally supported by glazing bars which run in the same direction as the sheet and the glazing bars are usually self-supported or designed to sit on structural rafters.

The advantages of a Polycarbonate Sheet is that these types of Roofing Sheets are lightweight whilst being strong and highly insulated, which makes the Polycarbonate Sheet good for DIY projects such as carports, conservatories and walkway covers. For a commercial use, Polycarbonate Sheet can be used as trolley shelters at supermarkets. On our website we have a variety of accessories for your Polycarbonate Roof, including from the popular Snapa Range from Clear Amber. Clear Amber have been making innovative products to be used in conjunction with a Polycarbonate Roof, and we have a number of different products from the Snapa range, used to secure your Roofing Sheets in place, and work especially well with a Polycarbonate Sheet. The Snapa glazing bar is a low cost option and due to this, the Snapa range is not recommended for Polycarbonate Roof projects where the project is larger or where a greater longevity of strength is required.

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