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Polycarbonate Twin Wall

Polycarbonate Twin Wall Sheets are extremely versatile and impact resistant, great for multiple uses. Here at BSO, we offer a variety of Twin Wall Polycarbonate Sheets from renown brands Corotherm and Monoplan.

Benefits And Application Of Polycarbonate Twin Wall Sheets

Polycarbonate Twin Wall Sheets can be used for a variety of purposes such as for canopies, veranda covers, carports, greenhouses, conservatories, swimming pool covers and many more. The insulating roofing sheet is transparent allowing the natural daylight to illuminate your space while reflecting UV rays. The strong and impact resistant infrastructure of the polycarbonate sheets ensures safety and reliability wherever they are fitted. All the Polycarbonate Twin Wall sheets sold at BSO are 'class 1' fire rated essential for any roofing  or glazing application. Polycarbonate roofing adds thermal insulation to the place of application saving energy and therefore reducing heating costs while contributing to the environment. With the choice of colours and thickness of the polycarbonate twin wall roofing sheets at BSO, the specification of any project can be accomplished. To add to all the benefits of polycarbonate roofing the installation is quick and easy and even if we don't have the size you want polycarbonate sheets are easy to cut.

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