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Other Tools

Choose from our range of tools and find exactly what you need at great prices.

In our range of other tools, we have a huge selection from industry leading brands. These brands include Arrow, Edma, Estwing, Everbuild, Rawplug and Calder. All these brands are experts in the tool industry and will make sure you can complete your job to the highest standard with high-quality tools.

The range of other tools includes glue guns & sticks, cutting & crimping tools, hog rings, pliers and spare parts. Our range is very vast and covers many different needs so you will be able to find the correct tool for the job. Glue guns are great for heavy-duty jobs. Glue guns can bond anything from paper to metal and plastics. The rapid drying of hot melt adhesives makes them a quick and easy method of bonding. The sportsman axes that we sell by Estwing are great tools for cutting wood. They are highly durable, sharp and corrosion resistant meaning you will be able to rely on them for an exceedingly long time. The selection of pliers supplied by Edma is a range of hog ring pliers, setting pliers and frame pliers. Hog ring pliers are used to install metal mesh fencing and are robust and lightweight. We also have a variety of hog rings to choose to use with your hog ring pliers. Setting pliers are used for drywall insulation and create a quick and easy punch for studs. They are quick, efficient and very lightweight meaning a great deal of ease when instaling installation. We also have maintenance covered with the range of accessories available. These include spare blades and spare springs so if you are in need of any repairs we can help you. These are only some examples of what you can find in our other tools section. There are many other tools waiting to be discovered. 

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