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Border Tiles

Border Tiles

If you are updating your living space border tiles are an effective way to add interest. Use border tiles in your bathroom to brighten up your bath surround and use border tiles in your kitchen to make your splashback stand out or contrast border tiles to outline your sink. Border tiles are a simple way to add design elements and our border tiles can be combined with other tile designs.

Use our border tiles to frame your shower area or use to add a fresh accent to your sink. Use simple narrow border tiles to pick out contrast colours or use a pattern of to create texture and give your bathroom a feeling of luxury.

Border tiles can be used in many creative ways to turn your bathroom into an oasis of relaxation. You can also add a splash of colour to your ensuite by adding some border tiles. Keep the area around your sink pristine by adding easy to clean border tiles to a painted area.

Use our border tiles in your kitchen to create a bright contrast between your tiles and your work surfaces or add border tiles as an accent to your breakfast area. A checkerboard pattern of border tiles creates a traditional sought-after look with a country kitchen feel and protects your wall from splashes and grease. Add raised border tiles to create a ledge effect that gives your kitchen the designer look. Adding simple touches like patterned or coloured border tiles will transform your kitchen into a space where you enjoy cooking and can look forward to inviting guests. You will see the benefit of adding the design touches kitchen border tiles provide every day when spending relaxing time with your friends or family there.

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