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Marble Effect Floor Tiles

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Explore our beautiful range of marble effect floor tiles , designed to create a luxury look throughout your home. 

Choosing your Marble Effect Floor Tiles

Marble effect floor tiles are perfect for achieving a luxurious and contemporary look to any bathroom flooring, kitchen flooring or living space without the expense of actual marble tiles and without the required extra maintenance.  Made from ceramic, these marble effect floor tiles are extremely durable, easy to clean and long lasting, marble tiles are ideal for high traffic areas. They look wonderful both in the home or a commercial premises.

With a natural feel to the marble effect floor tiles your new flooring will become the feature and talking point to your chosen room. These marble effect floor tiles will create a beautiful modern and minimalistic look such as our HD Geneva Floor Tile. or a more classic style such as our HD Astbury Floor Tile range. Available in a range of colours including White, Grey, Cream or Black, finishes and sizes you will find the perfect marble tile for you including a range of mosiac styles. Marble mosiac tiles will add a new dimension to your floor bringing style and originality to your chosen space.  

Marble effect floor tiles bring added brightness to a room due to their tones and colours allowing your space to feel larger. The beauty of marble effect tiles is that they really do look like marble floor tiles. Marble tiles have been the ultimate luxury statement for many years and finding a marble tile alternative for floors has not always been easy.  Marble effect floor tiles are now a real consideration. Using the latest HD technology, each marble effect floor tile is individual to the next to create a highly authentic finish, meaning they look just as good as real marble floor tiles. 

Fitting of your Marble Effect Floor Tiles

We recommend laying your marble effect floor tiles down prior to fixing to ensure a good spread of the marble effect floor tiles across the floor. Nice and light, these tiles are very easy to fit. Works really well too with under floor heating for extra luxury in the colder months.

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