Moroccan Floor Tiles

Moroccan floor tiles feature beautifully intricate and often symmetrical designs. Take inspiration from the artisans of the medinas in the heart of Marrakech or Fez by selecting one of our stunning Moroccan floor tiles. These tiles are guaranteed to bring a unique, North African feel to your home interior while still maintaining a contemporary modern feeling to your living space.

How Do I Choose My Moroccan Floor Tiles?

Choose by tile colour, tile dimensions, tile finish, tile material or tile brand. Moroccan floor tiles finish options include matt tiles, gloss tiles, satin tiles, lappato tiles and rustic tiles. We can offer you a broad range of tile brands such as Laura Ashley tiles, V&A tiles, British Ceramic tiles, RAK Ceramics tiles and Ted Baker tiles. You can select from ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles. Colour palette options for our Moroccan floor tiles include greys, whites, blacks, beiges, browns.

Moroccan Tile Ideas

We believe that beautiful Moroccan floor tiles can completely transform the interior of your home. Moroccan tiles can add a striking or subtle finishing touch to the scheme of your home interior. Whether you decide to use Moroccan floor tiles to create an impressive hallway or use them to add a unique design feature to your kitchen floor, the possibilities are endless. Let your creativity run wild with our spectacular range of Moroccan tiles. Moroccan floor tiles create an interest design aesthetic too. Browse through our catalogue of Moroccan floor tiles online for some great inspiration for your next design project. Some of our bestsellers in the Moroccan floor tiles range include the stunning Floor Tile Feature s Parquet 498mm x 498mm BCT28703 as well as the Floor Tile V&A Omar & Mina Omar Multicolour 331mm x 331mm VA03902.

Moroccan Floor Tiles Samples

We know that interior design decisions can be fraught with indecision. We understand your need to see and feel our Moroccan floor tiles so you can appreciate the high level of quality and craftsmanship that goes into them. Therefore before making a purchase, you can order a sample. This is so you can truly envisage their true design potential in your home. We strongly recommend that you order 10% more than you require to account for cuts and breakages when tiling your wall.

Should you have any questions regarding our Moroccan floor tiles or would like any other additional information on our extensive product range, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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