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Wood Effect Tiles

Wood Effect Tiles can enhance the interior of your home. Interior designers are looking more and more to nature to inspire them, one of the current trends in home decor is natural looking wood effect floor tiles.

Wood effect floor tiles have many benefits. One of the main benefits of wood effect floor tiles is that they look great, and very realistic to classic wooden boards they’re based on. Another key benefit of wood effect floor tiles is that because they are made from porcelain or ceramic they are easy to keep clean and do not leave stains. Wood effect floor tiles make a great statement regardless of the room they are in. Finish your next interior design project with our stunning range of wood effect floor tiles. We know that wood effect floor tiles will completely transform your interior space.

How do I choose my wood effect floor tiles?

You can choose your wood effect floor tiles by tile colour, tile dimensions, tile finish, tile material. We believe that we have wood effect floor tiles to suit every budget with prices starting from as little as £23.47 for our Ted Baker ParqTile Grey 148mm x 148mm Wall Tile, Floor Tile, Multi-Use Tile 24 Per Pack - BCT43744. You can choose from a whole array of colour options such as greys, whites, beiges, and browns. Our wood effect floor tiles are all ceramic or porcelain. In addition to this, we can provide you with wood effect floor tiles from designer tiles brands like Ted Baker and the British Ceramic Tile company. Wood Effect Floor Tile finishes include matt and gloss. Bestsellers in our range of wood effect floor tiles include the stunning Fabulous Splendid Walnut 1193mm x 197mm Floor Tile 3 Per Pack - BCT25153 as well as the Floor Tile Fabulous Sublime White 595mm x 595mm BCT25450 3 Tile Per Pack.

Why choose Tiles over Wood?

There are several reasons why you would go for wood effect floor tiles over a wooden floor. First and foremost, they are much easier to clean and maintain. Porcelain wood effect floor tiles are particularly hard wearing and durable and are resistant to harsh cleaning chemicals meaning that no matter what is spilt on your wood effect floor tiles you can clean off without having to worry about damaging your floor. Wood, on the other hand, is susceptible to dents warping and even splintering, not to mention its potential to rot or absorb stains if not treated properly. We are not saying a wood floor is never a good option, we offer our own range! BUT wood effect floor tiles are certainly less maintenance and long-term cost for you and your home.

Wood effect floor tile samples

We know that interior design decisions can be fraught with indecision. We understand your need to see and feel our wood effect floor tiles so you can appreciate the high level of quality and craftsmanship that goes into them. Therefore before making a purchase, you can order a sample. This is so you can truly envisage their true design potential in your home. We strongly recommend that you order 10% more than you require to account for cuts and breakages when tiling your floor. Should you have any questions regarding our wood effect floor tiles or would like any other additional information on our extensive wood effect floor tiles range, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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