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Hexagon Tiles

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Hexagon Tiles

Transform your home with a wide range of Hexagon Tiles, available in a variety of colours and finishes. Want a well designed trendy living space? Hexagon tiles give you plenty of options.

Hexagon tile patterns appear in all interior design magazines and will transform your home. Hexagon tiles add a clean look to your bathroom and look intricate without being busy. Hexagon tiles are also versatile allowing innovative hexagon floor tile designs to be created.

Hexagon tiles for walls and floors are becoming an increasingly popular choice for living spaces, offering a stylish and contemporary alternative to traditional tiling arrangements, so with that in mind we have a broad range of options for you to chose from.

Hexagon tiles have a very impactful aesthetic with their organic honeycomb pattern, a look that will add that extra element of creativity if you are seeking a more design led on-trend look for your living space. With their six sided form, hexagon tiles can be slotted together in an assortment of patterns, whether uniform or scattered, allowing your creativity to run free and you to put your own individual stamp on your room. Tiles are intrinsically a practical product but with hexagon tiles you can combine both function and artistry in one go. Use hexagon tiles individually or combine with another hexagon tile to create unique decorative patterns that can turn your home decor into something truly head turning.

How to use a Hexagon Tile in your home

A hexagon tile pattern can liven up a bathroom and hexagon bathroom tiles come in many colours and finishes - choose hexagon tiles in a single colour for a serene spa atmosphere or lay dark and light colours in a hexagon tile pattern to add interest to your bathroom.

Our hexagon bathroom tile is durable and hex tile doesn't go out of style. Light hexagon bathroom tile with dark grout adds interest and honeycomb tile gives your bathroom an organic feel. Hexagon kitchen tiles feel inviting and you can give your cooking space an instant update. Our hexagon kitchen tiles are suitable for behind the cooker, at the breakfast area and hexagon floor tile makes the ideal kitchen floor covering.

How to choose the best Hexagon Tile for your home

Our extensive range of hexagon tiles come in a full range of finishes such as satin or matt, with smooth or textured options. Use dramatic blacks or dark tones for impact or bright white and light grey hexagon tiles to give an illusion of space in smaller spaces. Easy to fit and hard-wearing, why not choose hexagon tiles as a design feature for your bathroom or as an exciting alternative for standard tiles for your kitchen splash back? Floor spaces too are a perfect canvas for utilising the endless possibilities of hexagon tiles, be adventurous and create beautiful patterns with a range of tones and colours, or opt for sharp simplicity with a single colour choice.

Choose light hexagon wall tiles to brighten up a dark space or go for darker hexagon wall tiles for an urban look. Hexagon wall tiles in the kitchen will suit any style cupboard and using patterns of hexagon tiles as a splashback works well. We also offer hexagon floor tile - hex tile in the bathroom looks amazing, the hex tile feels nice under bare feet and hexagon floor tile is also easy to keep clean. No matter which hexagon tile option you choose, our hexagon floor tile and hexagon wall tiles with their organic honeycomb tile look will make your home an interior design dream.

Our hexagon tiles are available for purchase in multi packs with each option made from long lasting robust materials such as porcelain, ceramic and stone. Look no further than hexagon tiles if you are looking to introduce a spectacular interior design element to your home, guaranteed to elevate your room decor to the next level.

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