Impact Glass

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A backsplash tile is an essential piece in any modern kitchen to help protect the walls from cooking splatter, and to help you keep your kitchen clean.

British Ceramic Tile

The Impact Glass Collection from British Ceramic Tile is a great range of glass tile, providing the glass wall tile solution for your home. British Ceramic Tile is one of the UKs most trusted tile manufacturers and the Impact collection of glass tiles is one of their most popular premium lines. British ceramic tile uses the latest technology to produce a toughened glass tile that is durable and hardwearing, resistant to acids and stains, and resistant to extreme temperatures.

A glass wall tile is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional stone or ceramic tiles for use as a backsplash tile because of this durability. And as a glass tile is less porous than a ceramic tile it is easier to keep clean, doesn’t stain, and is resistant to mold and mildew. As well as in the kitchen, the British Ceramic Tile Impact Glass Tile is ideal for use in the bathroom behind sinks and baths, and anywhere where you need your tiles to be resistant to moisture for easy cleaning.

Choosing your British Ceramic Tile Impact Glass Tile

The British Ceramic Tile impact collection offers a great selection of sizes and styles of glass tile so you are sure to find the glass tile to match and enhance your home. The collection offers you a choice of glass tile in 30 colours, both opaque and translucent, from stunning, eye-catching hot pink, lime green, and tangerine orange, through light enhancing vanilla, earl, gold, and emerald, to muted liquorice, petrol, and aubergine shades. They can turn your backsplash tile into a centre piece for your living space, or a glass tile to complement the style of your kitchen or bathroom and the room’s ceramic, stone, or porcelain wall tiles.

The Impact Collection of Glass Tile have a gloss finish, and are available in various sizes to protect behind your cooking range. Manufactured in their specialised glass department in Devon in the UK, the British ceramic tile Impact Collection of Glass Tile is the perfect, stylish, and practical solution where you ned a backsplash tile or glass wall tile.

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