RAK Newport

Porcelain tiles are a stunning, classic option when you are looking for hard wearing and durable wall and floor tiles for any room in your house.

Porcelain Tiles from the RAK Newport Collection

Porcelain tiles come in a number of different finishes which can give any room character, warmth or a sleek design. Due to their finish, these wall and floor tiles can help to make a room look sophisticated and serene with their stony, neutral colours or change the feel of a cold room with some porcelain floor tiles with a slightly warmer hue to them.

While porcelain wall and floor tiles may be a more expensive option than tiles made with other materials they are hard wearing and great for high foot traffic areas due to their process during manufacture. The porcelain tiles are made from a finer, denser clay and fired at a higher temperature. Due to the way the porcelain tiles are made they have a unique set of qualities including low permeability, more scratch resistant and high resistance to extremes of temperature.

The other advantage of the porcelain tiles is that they are stain resistant which makes them a perfect option in areas where moisture and stains could be a common occurrence such as wall and floor tiles in kitchens and bathrooms.

Choosing your RAK Newport Collection tiles

We have in stock porcelain tiles made by RAK ceramics from their RAK Newport range. The RAK Newport range comes with a non-glazed surface with particularly high performance and the porcelain floor tiles are perfect for residential commercial use. The Porcelain floor tiles have a beautiful finish and come in a number of shades and sizes to suit all designs. These wall and floor tiles come in a couple of designs with the same stunning stony shades that compliment any room.

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